Recent Before & After Photos

Coffee Stains at a Local Office

We all love that cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes you need another cup once you make it to the office in the morning, and that means that sometime spill ... READ MORE

Rental Home Cleaning

This customer had just recently inherited this home. Instead of just turning right around and selling it, they decided to use it as a rental. The only problem w... READ MORE

Flooded Parking Garage

Hurricane Matthew Damage We got the call about this flooded parking garage the day after Hurricane Matthew came through. After arriving on scene and assessing t... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Palatka, FL

Apartment Carpet Cleaning SERVPRO of Putnam County was called to clean this carpet in an apartment that was being vacated. As you can tell the carpet had seen ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Palatka, FL

Complete transformation in this master bedroom where this house fire began. Thru time of extensive cleaning by our trained professionals and some rebuilding thi... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Palatka, FL

Living Room Fire This Living room was heavily damaged during a fire. The damage included heat, smoke, and a lot of soot. As you can see in the photos the retur... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Palatka, FL

Living room fire This customer had fire and smoke damage that was mostly contained in the living room. The resulting damage was not too extensive, and it was m... READ MORE

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning in Palatka, FL

Life happens We all know that life happens! Well guess what, it also happens to your floors. It may take longer and you are slower to notice it, but life does ... READ MORE

Rust Stains?

This was an old stain due to a small water leak in the wall and the metal file cabinet left this rusty stain behind.